Yangyang Wu

Yangyang is a visual communication designer with a background in management education. She chose design as her main career path in college because of her curiosity about design. After she graduated, she worked in brand design for two years, where she developed a wide range of practical project experience, specialised in graphic design, packaging design, exhibition design, and business strategy.

Yangyang is currently studying at Kingston University, where she is rethinking and exploring the boundaries of design practice as her key role at this stage. With her experience in commercial design, she is recalibrating her role in society and reimagining what designers can create. She believes that design is connective and collaborative and that an open and cooperative approach to design can be unconstrained, and can be innovative and transformative across multiple fields, in addition to creating commercial value.

Glitch Feminism

In "Glitch feminism", Russel defines "feminism" in a broader perspective, encompassing the range of audiences, including cool kids, non-binary people, black artists and more. It tries to find a rift between the “Away From Keyboard” world (AFK) and the digital world, developing the potential of digital feminism and the body. I consider the emergence of "Glitch" as an identity and body aberration, a journey impacted by the glitch.

In this project, I started from the initial idea of saying "NOPE" to the binary gender system to tell the story of breeding and metamorphosis from the rift of AFK world and finally reaching the body as the cosmos. Through experimenting with different media and materials, I visualised how small mistakes permeate and expand into both worlds, which is my response to the manifesto of resistance and hopefully convey the author's conception.


Experimental Video, Non-binary, Typography


Kingston School of Art, Kingston University
MA Communication Design: Graphic Design 2020/2021


In collaboration with

Exhibition team
Claudia Chiavazza & Yifan Wu

Visual identity
Abhimanyu Bhatia & Shelley Huang

Social Media
Lina Toumpeli, Lucy-May Turner & Pankti Shah

Gayathri Anthey

Claudia Chiavazza & White Bai

Jean Zeng & Zimeng Jia

Yangyang Wu & Xueqi Bai
Special thanks to
Alberto Ajelli / Anna Kehrer / Azza Wielach / Ell Flynn / Kate Jenkins / Pablo Grattoni / Yileng Yin / Zeina Boukhaled

Andrew Haslam / Cathy Gale / Max Ryan / Naho Matsuda / Tao Lin