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Xiaomeng Shu

Xiaomeng Shu is from China and recently studied in the London at Kingston University School of Art Communication Design: Graphic Design (MA). In the past she explored different areas like participating in drama(lighting) / teaching kids and teenagers in an art studio and so on. She always inspired by social phenomenon and small things which maybe not directly related to graphic design. Recently, she wants to try different carriers, such as interaction, motion graphic, etc.

For her, design is the way of expressing her attitude and position to the outside world.

The Monkey On The Himalayas ——Reflect On Self-Awareness Through Interaction Design With Questionnaire Format

This interactive design is based on the theory that self-awareness does not come entirely from the self and might be affected by the outside world.  Take psychological tests as an example. Awareness is implanted by the social and cultural background of our daily lives.

Even for those seemingly trustworthy psychological tests, the questions and conclusions are ambiguous and limited. After all, no tool can fully measure a person's complex mental structure. Moreover, the tags that viewers get from tests based on computer algorithms are their "Himalayan monkeys." And the audience is always looking for "gold"-who am I, take it with them. Just like the image label that has been dragged, the comments and opinions that the outside world has labelled have always been with people.

Labels and algorithms are limited. But you have unlimited possibilities.

People can be the creators of their awareness.

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Self-awareness / Identity / Questionnaire


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Kingston School of Art, Kingston University
MA Communication Design: Graphic Design 2020/2021


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London Design Festival

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Anna Kehrer / Ells Flynn / Zeina Boukhaled

Jiani Liao

Abhimanyu Bhatia / Alberto Ajelli / Liz Huang

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