Kingston University Communication Design MA

Lina Toumpeli

Lina Toumpeli is a Greek visual communicator based in London. After completing her bachelor’s in Graphic Design she moved to London to pursue a Master’s Degree in Communication Design at Kingston School Of Art. With a practice and methodology rooted in research, she aspires to undertake design work within the cultural sphere or in design-oriented companies and organisations. Her work is often a reflection on social, cultural and political themes, informed by critical design theories and design fiction practices.

Making And Unmaking The Patriarchy

How can (design) fiction be used to talk about contemporary patriarchy? This project aims to spark debate and conversation about equality, gender and everyday sexism through fictional narratives and practices and the confusion between real and the unreal. The potential of ordinary objects being turned into something dark, funny or ironic in relation to sexism was investigated through experiments and prototypes, presented in an (un)real exhibition.

Furthermore, a one-day workshop was held with (Fictional) ethnography and prototyping as the main activities, used not only as tools to visualize feminist alternatives, but also create rather dark cautionary tales and as a way to provoke and rethink.  The true meaning of this projects intendedly lies on the narrative and the descriptions assigned to the objects more than the object as forms.

The outcome consists of a fictional exhibition catalogue containing the sexist or feminist made up objects and a companion book documenting the workshop.


Feminist Workshop / Design Fiction / Made-up Objects


Instagram: @linatoumpeli
Email: linatoumpeli@gmail.com

Kingston School of Art, Kingston University
MA Communication Design: Graphic Design 2020/2021


In collaboration with
London Design Festival

Exhibition team
Anna Kehrer / Ells Flynn / Zeina Boukhaled

Jiani Liao

Abhimanyu Bhatia / Alberto Ajelli / Liz Huang

Special thanks to
Claudia Chiavazza / Chang Liu / Yangyang Wu / Yifan Wu / Lucy-May Turner / Yongxin Bai

Andrew Haslam / Cathy Gale / Max Ryan / Naho Matsuda / Tao Lin