Kingston University Communication Design MA

Abhimanyu Singh Bhatia

A seasoned Creative with over 3 years of work experience in many facets of design, advertising and overall creative processes. My work is a culmination of all the experiences I've had, the things I've seen and heard, and the people I've met. My strengths are, but not only limited to, minimal and clean artworks; it is ever evolving and differs from project to project. As a young and flexible mind, I believe in my ability to mould my creatives according to the required tasks. With design being an integral part of my life, I'm on a constant look out for new experiences to fuel my passion, my work.

More with less

Minimalism as a lifestyle has been attracting a lot of attention. What viewers do not realise is that the same concept can be expanded and used in different aspects of our life. This project focuses on Minimalism’s advantages in the advertising industry for creatives.The research involved stretches from early artists who started using it as a style of painting to Kenya Hara revamping the Japanese brand Muji. There are advantages as well as shortcomings. Yet, the style has been going on since centuries and is only becoming more prominent with time. The project used a guide to minimalism, rebranding of a major design award show as well as re-created collaterals from other brands to provide the viewer with a better understanding of the style design and what it can achieve in the field of advertising.


Minimalism / advertising / elements 




Kingston School of Art, Kingston University
MA Communication Design: Graphic Design 2020/2021


In collaboration with
London Design Festival

Exhibition team
Anna Kehrer / Ells Flynn / Zeina Boukhaled

Jiani Liao

Abhimanyu Bhatia / Alberto Ajelli / Liz Huang

Special thanks to
Claudia Chiavazza / Chang Liu / Yangyang Wu / Yifan Wu / Lucy-May Turner / Yongxin Bai

Andrew Haslam / Cathy Gale / Max Ryan / Naho Matsuda / Tao Lin